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Author: Jamie

The Art of Using Facebook Ads For Your Practice

Facebook is the most popular social media platform to date. Nearly as many people use Facebook as live in the whole country of China. This means that there is an enormous base of potential clients on Facebook every single day. This is perfect for chiropractic marketing and growing your practice. Facebook Pages Before you can create an ad on Facebook, you need to make sure you have your business set up with a Facebook page. This is not the same as a profile. A page is where your customers can hit LIKE and get information about your business. Regardless...

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How Facebook’s Newsfeed Works and What it Means to Your Office’s Facebook Posts

The recent F8 conference from Facebook was an extremely important event, it covered a wide variety of topics, both large and small. They released a large number of session videos as well. One session, in particular, is especially useful for business pages. The session , hosted by the VP of Production for Facebook’s Newsfeed, Adam Mosseri, provides a huge amount of useful information to help business pages gain a wider audience. In the video, he explains the processes behind the Newsfeed, going into detail on how posts are ranked. As well as providing helpful information on how businesses can...

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Are You Listening to Your Facebook Fans?

In today’s wifi-based existence, social media has become incredibly powerful. Businesses have discovered that social listening (also known as social monitoring) can be hugely beneficial in reaching and expanding their client and patient base. Social Listening is the art of using social media sites like Twitter and Facebook to understand, research, and communicate with their customers. For instance, let’s say your Chiropractic practice is trying to generate more new patient leads. How would social listening benefit your practice? Social listening allows you to communicate directly with your community. Most offices have created Facebook pages and Twitter accounts that allow...

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Facebook Engagement – Your Key to Success!

Since Facebook was created, it’s become more than just a place for people to connect with other people. In fact, it’s a fantastic way for professional practices to connect with patients and potential patients now. However, understanding Facebook Engagement and knowing what to do to get more likes and shares is essential. If your Chiropractic practice wants to use Facebook to connecting with patients and potential patients, you’re going to want to take a look at some of the tips below. Understand How Facebook Works Facebook changed the way posts are shown on a person’s feed, which means it’s...

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