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The Art of Using Facebook Ads For Your Practice

The Art of Using Facebook Ads For Your Practice

Facebook is the most popular social media platform to date. Nearly as many people use Facebook as live in the whole country of China. This means that there is an enormous base of potential clients on Facebook every single day. This is perfect for chiropractic marketing and growing your practice.

Facebook Pages

Before you can create an ad on Facebook, you need to make sure you have your business set up with a Facebook page. This is not the same as a profile. A page is where your customers can hit LIKE and get information about your business. Regardless of whether you use the ad feature, you need a Facebook page.

Creating Your Ad

Facebook ads can be general or very specific, but they are also strict in what they will allow. Pictures are great to use and can increase fan engagement, as people tend to be visual, but you need to be careful with what you put on them. To begin creating your ad, find the picture that you want to use. Make sure it has few or no words on it. Images must have less than 20% text to be accepted by the FB ad machine. (Note this rule changed a few weeks ago but to have the best chance of being shown to your audience, it is good to still follow this rule). The size of your image should be 1200 x 628 pixels. If it is not, you can resize or crop it using Photoshop or PicMonkey.

Once you have your image ready, go to your Facebook page. Near the top right, you should see a button that says ‘Promote’. Click that, then click the green ‘Create Ad’ button. Assuming you are looking to gather clients and send them to your website, choose ‘Send people to website’ and enter the website you want to send them to. You will also get to view how the ad will look in the desktop Facebook newsfeed as well as mobile newsfeed.

Next, click ‘Set Audience and Budget’. Here is where you can get specific about your audience. Obviously, you want to set your city and surrounding cities so that you are not showing your ad to someone who lives hours away. You can also narrow down the age group you show your Facebook ads to and specify gender. Getting detailed with your audience is a good way to make sure that the people who see your ads are going to be people who will actually use your chiropractic services. You can see approximately how many people fall into your targeted range over on the right-hand side. You do not want to be too broad, but you also want to make sure you are not being too specific. If your ad is only going to be seen by 10 people, is it worth the price?

Now you can set your budget. There are two options: Daily or Lifetime. Keep in mind that if you set a Daily budget of $20 and give it an end date two weeks from now, that will be a total budget of $280. If you choose a Lifetime budget, Facebook will divide the amount accordingly to ensure you get the best results possible. For the other information under Budget, use the recommended settings. They are intended to optimize your results.

Once you have set your audience and budget, click ‘Choose Ad Creative’. Here is where you will choose your image, select with page to associate the ad with, and create a catchy headline and description. Keep the headline and description short and punchy to attract attention.

After you get everything all set, click ‘Review Order’. Make sure it is set up exactly the way you want, then ‘Place Order’. That’s it! Now Facebook will review your ad to make sure it meets standards and then it will go live. If for some reason it does not meet Facebook standards, they will let you know what is wrong so you can fix it.

Managing Your Ad

Once your ad goes live, you can access it through Manage Ads under the arrow at the top right of your Facebook screen. Here you will see how much was spent, how many clicks you are getting, and if your ad is successful. You can run multiple ads at once and compare them to see which ones are most effective. If an ad is clearly unsuccessful, you can cancel it before it runs its course. If an ad is highly successful, you can increase its lifetime budget and extend its end date.

• Pick an attractive image.
• Narrow down your audience.
• Create intriguing headlines & descriptions.
• Track your ads closely.

Using Facebook ads for chiropractic marketing can be an effective and cost efficient way to reach new potential patients. They will allow you to reach more people than print ads and will help you delve into a new client base. Multiple ads at one time can increase your chances of more people seeing your ad and provide you with a wealth of potential patient leads.

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