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Month: April 2016

Maximize Your Patient Potential with Top-Notch Marketing Techniques

In order to generate business, it’s important for a Chiropractor to have a website. Providing useful information for potential patients will allow you to be easily found through web search engines. The reviews and ratings from your website will help define you as an expert in your field and a professional that patients will be interested in doing business with. Using social media, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other tools will also help you establish your professional credibility and further help you increase your business. By providing ongoing useful and unique information through these tools you can further...

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Understanding Searcher’s Intent

Internet search engines use algorithms to generate search results based on a variety of keywords. It also has the ability to search based on user intent. It can intuit your interest and needs and provide search answers on more than just matched keywords. For example, typing cheap chiropractor will result in practices that are affordable, inexpensive, reasonable and other versions of the word. Since Google also knows the location of the searcher, there’s no need for you to list your location all over your page, and any specific term will be matched with a variety of algorithm synonym searches....

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Black Hat SEO is Dead

Black-hat SEO is a form of search engine optimization that utilizes short cuts in targeting higher ranking Google search results. Originally it attempted to overload keyword phrases but Google changed their algorithms. Then SEO professionals inserted links in high volume to improve rankings and Google again rewrote their code to compensate. Later black hat marketers tried uploading excess content in an attempt to fool the searches but Google was able to differentiate non human or nonsensical content. Bottom line: back hatting maneuvers are no longer effective. Instead the only way to obtain high rankings is to provide quality content...

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How to Create a Useful Chiropractic Blog

An online presence is a necessary aspect to having a business and blogging is become more useful as a means to reach clients. A blog is now a go-to tool that clients use to make decisions on choosing a chiropractor. So what does that mean for the chiropractic site? Create a useful blog. Consumers are looking for information first, when it comes to chiropractic practices, more than, say, transactions at the site. They are also concerned with an honest and realistic presence as reflected in your communication via the web. Clients do research first and the sites that provide...

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Strengthen Your Already Awesome Chiropractic SEO

There are multiple facets to making sure your chiropratic office gets the attention it deserves. The most important factor is making sure that you are aware of your content and services you are providing. It is crucial to be aware and understand any questions that any potent entail clientele make ask. Promotion is a second key factor. It is important to make sure that you are promoting the services and business in the proper manner. Since today’s generation gets a good portion of their information from social media, a main focus may be sites such as Facebook or Twitter....

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