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Are You Listening to Your Facebook Fans?

Are You Listening to Your Facebook Fans?

In today’s wifi-based existence, social media has become incredibly powerful. Businesses have discovered that social listening (also known as social monitoring) can be hugely beneficial in reaching and expanding their client and patient base. Social Listening is the art of using social media sites like Twitter and Facebook to understand, research, and communicate with their customers.

For instance, let’s say your Chiropractic practice is trying to generate more new patient leads. How would social listening benefit your practice?

  1. Social listening allows you to communicate directly with your community.
  2. Most offices have created Facebook pages and Twitter accounts that allow potential patients to research their office and present queries. If a practice manages the page well, they can quickly a directly reply to questions. A clear and speedy reply communicates that this office has great customer service and values their patients. They can also respond to complaints and help resolve these conflicts as well.
  3. Social listening can help a practice research their needs and wants of their fans.
  4. If fans are frequently asking the same kinds of questions (in this chiropractic practice’s case, a frequent question may be, “Do you also offer massage?”), the office learns what their customers desire in a product or service. They can also discover if they are effectively using their Chiropractic marketing to clearly communicate their services, policies, and practices to their desired local community base.
  5. Social listening also allows a practice to learn the needs of their local community.
  6. Using social media sites like Facebook and Twitter can tell you if you are effectively reaching potential patients in your area. It can also establish what makes your practice unique in the area for instance, you’re may be the only local office to also offer massage or a patient appreciation days.
  7. Social listening helps gauge the success of your Facebook ad marketing.
  8. A Facebook page garnering many likes, shares, positive reviews, and conversations between fans and your office is the product of efficient social media marketing.

Successful Chiropractic practices today have learned how to use social media and social listening to their benefit by turning it into a highly effective marketing and customer service tool.

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