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Facebook Engagement – Your Key to Success!

Facebook Engagement – Your Key to Success!

Since Facebook was created, it’s become more than just a place for people to connect with other people. In fact, it’s a fantastic way for professional practices to connect with patients and potential patients now. However, understanding Facebook Engagement and knowing what to do to get more likes and shares is essential. If your Chiropractic practice wants to use Facebook to connecting with patients and potential patients, you’re going to want to take a look at some of the tips below.

Understand How Facebook Works
Facebook changed the way posts are shown on a person’s feed, which means it’s no longer easy to show up in their Facebook newsfeed just because they liked the your business page. Instead, your practice has to do a bit more work to be seen. To make sure people see the posts, you can pay for posts or you can make sure your patients and potential patients click like or share on their posts so the post is seen as important to that person and shown in that user’s feed more frequently. When patients or potential patients frequently like the posts you show, they’ll start to see more posts from your office. By liking or sharing the posts, their friends will be able to see the posts as well, which gives your office the chance to reach new patients and potential patients.

Post Updates Regularly
Posting regularly is essential as this encourages more people to like and share your posts and increases the chance people will see them. Photo posts tend to grab the attention of viewers faster and lead to more likes, shares, and comments compared to text posts. Informative articles the patients and potential patients might be interested in will be very advantageous as well. You can also share posts from local influencers as a way to network in your community. Asking questions is a fantastic way to encourage your fans to engage and comment.

Respond to Comments from Patients and potential patients
Some one in your office is going to want to respond to comments from the fans of your page. You’re going to want to ensure your office responds to as many comments as possible, good or bad, so the fans know your office cares about them and what they have to say. This is known as social listening or social monitoring. When a person feels that a you really care about them, they’ll do more business with you and they’ll make sure they tell all of their friends about it. When responding to negative comments, it may help to offer the person a discount or something to change their view of the experience they had from bad to good. This can make a huge difference in how the person feels about your company as you cared about their experience enough to try to do something to remedy the issue.

Give Away Stuff or Discounts
One way to get more of your community to become fans of your Facebook page and to start engaging with your page is to give away some things for free or to offer discounts. Your office will want to take the time to think about what your community will really like and then promote the giveaways to ensure as many patients and potential patients as possible know about it. Along the same line, many patients and potential patients love to enter contests to win a prize for doing something as simple as sharing a particular post or liking a post.

Any business can create a successful Facebook page, but it takes time and work to do so. To use Facebook as part of your Chiropractic marketing strategy, the above tips can be incredibly helpful. The most important thing to remember is to use the website to engage with patients and potential patients, not to send the promotional information constantly and ignore their questions or concerns. Engaging with your community and the fans of your page, you can be sure they’ll remain a fan of your practice and be someone who actively tells others about it as well.

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