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7 Tips to Help Your Office Win at Social Media

7 Tips to Help Your Office Win at Social Media

7 Tips to Help Your Office Win at Social Media

Is social media part of your chiropractic marketing efforts? If not it should be. There are should and should not’s that chiropractors and their marketing managers need to be aware of if you want to be successful in your internet marketing endeavors.

Mastering social media, overall, isn’t rocket science. It is about fundamentals and common sense. Below breaks down seven tips to help you win at your chiropractic social media marketing.

1. Deliver value — not just advertisements.

Your social media audience members initially connect with your clinic because they are interested in what you are offering. They might want to stay up to date on happenings as well as be aware of future promotions. So, be interesting on social media — use a mix of what is happening in your office along with special promotions you may be offering.

The last thing you want to do is turn away your followers and potential patients by just posting advertising. Be relevant, post content that will be interesting to your followers and potential patients.

2. Leverage the reach of social media influencers.

Using social media influencers is hands-down an effective strategy on social media. Now, there are always exceptions, but for the most part, almost every brand can use influencers to their advantage.

You will want to identify the social networks that your target audience lives on, which may include facebook, twitter, instagram, and youtube to name a few. Then identify potential influencers who would be a great match for your practice. It’s extremely easy to get started — simply reach out to the influencer and make a deal.

This is big business now, and I can say, from firsthand experience, that the influencers willing to play ball will have contact information visible in their bios.

3. Think beyond organic reach.

If you really want to win at social media, you have to be willing to pay to play. Facebook organic reach is nothing like it was in the beginning, and now Instagram is playing around with a new algorithm, as well. Youtube and pinterest are both more of search engine oriented social media so organic has more to offer there.

Combining the massive audience that platforms like Facebook and Instagram can put you in front of, along with their advertising targeting options, provides you with a huge opportunity to generate instant traffic, leads and sales. It’s also highly scalable once you develop a winning campaign.

4. Post consistently without overwhelming your audience.

overwhelmPosting consistantly is huge. As a chiropractor you will want to be posting a couple of times a day at least. Overposting can be a problem. Some automated tools out there post just promotional advertising hourly. This is a bad practice and I would not recommend it.

5. Address issues and/or complaints immediately.

Social media has become a customer-service portal — it’s rather easy for consumers to get the attention of a company on social media. Sending a tweet or Facebook post takes customers seconds, rather than having to track down a phone number, wait on hold or speak to what’s likely to be an outsourced call center.

So, you need to learn to respond, and quickly. If a consumer posts something on your social media feed, ask him or her to contact you ASAP to resolve the issue quickly and painlessly. Don’t delete or ignore it — that can set off a complete storm of you-know-what.

Here is a tip for you: Visit the social feeds of any major national brand, and you’ll see complaints and pissed-off consumers — read through some of them to see how those brands handle adversity.

6. Understand your analytics.

It amazes me that so many practices don’t dive into their social analytics, yet say, “Social media just doesn’t work for us.” Resources like Facebook Page Insights and Twitter analytics provide you with all the information you need to see what is working and what isn’t.

Check these daily and stay on top of your campaigns. You can’t just throw up random posts and expect results. What type of content receives the most engagement? What types of content drives the most clicks back to your website? Learn how your audience members react on social media and optimize your efforts to cater to their habits.

7. Don’t be a ‘Jack of all trades, master of none.’

Imagine if you tried to maintain an effective presence on every social media platform available. That would limit the amount of time you could dedicate to each, severely watering down your effort on each.

Instead, pick a couple of social networks to focus on those that you know, without a doubt, your target audience lives on.

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